We are Going Green

Since the founding of B.I. Production Works in 2015, our commitment to

sustainability has been a core tenet of our business practices.

Our Solar-Powered Fleet

We have 1-room, 2-room, 3-room star trailers, office trailers, hair & make-up trailers, and our solar-powered fleet continues to grow.

Run Time

Each cast trailer can run uninterrupted off-grid for up to 24hrs when fully charged, without the cast needing to forego any creature comforts.

100% Sun-powered

Each trailer is equipped with 10 solar panels, generating 5.4 kW of continuous sun power and a 36 kW surge.

Sun-set to Sun-up Power

The roof-mounted solar panels also charge our 40kWh of lithium batteries for night-time use.

Real-time Tracking

Our tracking system displays in real-time how much power comes from solar panels and from the grid.

Sustainability Without Foregoing Productivity

One Room Cast Trailer

Mini-Split 36,000 BTU HVAC System

4 Slide-Out Rooms

65′′4K TV with Streaming Channels


Makeup Station & Hair Sink

Double Door Refrigerator

Water Heater


Sustainability Without Foregoing Productivity

Office Trailer

36,000 BTU HVAC System

6 Workstations & 2 Lounge Sofas

Convenience Center

43′′4K TVs



Sustainability Beyond
Our Solar Trailers

  • Trailer generators
  • Portable power stations
  • Fleet electrification and fleet optimization software
  • Net zero manufacturing facilities

B.I. Production Works invested in building an ecosystem of sustainability.

Trailer Generators

  • 10kW PV system
  • 100kW energy storage
  • 500AMPS

Use Case

1 charge can power 6 B.I. non-solar cast trailers for a 40hr work week.

Portable Power Stations aka Roly-Polys

  • 10kW power station
  • 500AMPS
  • Silent Power

Use Case

  • 1 cast trailer with a 36,000 BTU HVAC system for 3 hrs
  • 1 light tower, up to 10 hrs
  • 1 radio, 280 charges
  • 1 laptop, 100+ charges
  • Up to 100hrs of LED lighting

Fleet Electrification & Fleet Optimization

We’re continually looking for ways to reduce the carbon footprint of our fleet.

We’re one of the first in line to purchase Freightliner EVs.

And while we wait for the delivery of our new Day Cabs, we’ve deployed a state-of-the-art fleet management system, which tracks fuel use, engine idle and reports on vehicle and driver behavior in order to optimize fuel management and preventative maintenance

    Net Zero Facilities

    We are installing solar panels on our corporate and manufacturing facilities. With 90kW of solar panels installed, we’re well on our way to being the first and biggest film transportation equipment manufacturer to have a zero- missions headquarters and manufacturing plant.

    Our solar panel system has been sized to generate four times more energy than is needed in preparation for EV charging stations.